Services We Provide:

Computer Upgrades, Repair & Troubleshooting
• Windows XP
• Apple & Linux/unix
• Windows, PC, Mac Legacy Systems
• Any Hardware Upgrade; Linux hardware assistance
• Custom Linux Systems (workstation/server)

General Business Technology Consultation
Find out what web technologies can improve your business. Ask us anything; maybe you do not know what you need or want; we can help you find the opensoruce software to help you work and play for less money.

Software/Hardware Training & Tutoring
• Linux & Mac Applications
• Ubuntu, Fedora/RedHad, CentOS, Gnome, KDE and Mac OSX desktop environments
• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Inkscape, The Gimp, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
• Spreadsheet, Database, Word-processing, Multimedia, Audio, Image Enhancement, Page Layout/HTML, Scientific Applications
and more

Computer Networks
• Linux, unix, BSD, Solaris
• Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat
• Mac OSX, 9, 8 (and earlier)

Magic Technology

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Website Development

Examples of sites we have worked on

Web Site Development includes configuration of web server hardware and software and the the development of custom web site software. Web site software can be as simple as a normal static web site using a dynamic web template or as complex as a database drive website with search capibilities and user login. Many types of web software have already been written and can often be adapted to customer needs if they are not already suitable. Wheather we write you something from scratch or adapt an existing software product for your needs, we always follow the same basic Development Process:
1. Elicit the requirements: this is the most important part; we work with our client to determine their needs, and the solution we provide is strictly based on these requirements. The requirements can often prodvide a decent basis for a cost estimate.

2. Design the software: we determine what prexisting software can be used to satisfy the requirements and creating as little code from scratch as possible to keep the labor cost down while improveing the long term matainability of the web site. Our customers have a chance to make significant changes to the final product at this point.

3. Implement the software: in this stage the conceptual design of the site is translated into a real working/coded website that can be tested on a websever. The client may be involved in this stage if they wish but this is the most technical phase of the development process.

4. Test the website: we test the software to make sure it functions as outlined in the design and satisfys the requirements. We invite the client and their associates to test the site as well and make tweaks and changes based on their recomendations.

At various times in the development process we may need to go back to previous phases of the process and make changes either due to changes imposed by the client or bugs found durring testing. Once testing is complete the site is "launched" and undergoes routine maintiance thereafter.

Possible applications are: business websites showing products, custom blogs, educational or entertainment sites, social interactive sites, and many others.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
-Arthur C. Clarke

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Services We Provide:

Website Development
• Website Design
• Dynamic Websites
• Custom Drupal websites
• Custom Drupal modules
• Drupal modules configuration
• Custom MediaWiki websites
• Custom Content Management Systems
• Web Server Configuration for LAMP (linux, apache, PHP, MySQL)
• PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Jquery, Java Programming
• Custom Scripts, Classes and Functions
• Content Optimization for Google® Search Placement
• Custom Hosting Solutions

Software Development
• Application Development
• Scientific/Mathematical Software
• C/C++ (UNIX, win32, Mac)
• Java, jython, Matlab, Mathematica

Multimedia Services
• Web Site Design
• Photo Composites
• Photo Adjustments
• Digital Photography
• Video Game and soundtrack music creation
• Audio/Video editing
• Image & Logo Creation
• Printable Materials/Layouts/PDFs