Services We Provide:

Computer Upgrades, Repair & Troubleshooting
• Windows XP
• Apple & Linux/unix
• Windows, PC, Mac Legacy Systems
• Any Hardware Upgrade; Linux hardware assistance
• Custom Linux Systems (workstation/server)

General Business Technology Consultation
Find out what web technologies can improve your business. Ask us anything; maybe you do not know what you need or want; we can help you find the opensoruce software to help you work and play for less money.

Software/Hardware Training & Tutoring
• Linux & Mac Applications
• Ubuntu, Fedora/RedHad, CentOS, Gnome, KDE and Mac OSX desktop environments
• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Inkscape, The Gimp, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
• Spreadsheet, Database, Word-processing, Multimedia, Audio, Image Enhancement, Page Layout/HTML, Scientific Applications
and more

Computer Networks
• Linux, unix, BSD, Solaris
• Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat
• Mac OSX, 9, 8 (and earlier)

Magic Technology

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Mission Statement

Our goal is the same as any for-profit company: to earn money; but we believe that profits are maximized by providing customer satisfying above all else. The only real service or product that can be provided is satisfaction in a sense. We are not going to cut corners to achieve a proposed goal because our goal will always to satisfy our customer.

To achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction we implement some simple, yet highly effective tactics. Communication is the most important. A clear understanding of a clients needs will allow for a job to be completed successfully. Our clients will not be surprised by a project that turns out differently than planned. Plans will not change until a client is consulted or has already consented to an alternate plan. With Magic Technology, you will only pay for what you expect.

Advanced planning and a clear understanding of a goal will allow a job to be most efficiently executed. We do not take a "cookie cutter" approach because the needs of clients can vary even if the job seems routine. This is not to say that there is any extra "red tape" involved in a simple project.

Finally, our most important attribute is extensive experience in our fields and logical reasoning. When a logical approach to a goal is taken, bias can be eliminated and all focus devoted to achievement of the goal. Our vast wealth of knowledge and resources coupled with the use of logical reasoning will allow Magic Technology to accomplish any goal we undertake and our systematic approach to goal acomplishment allows us to expand our knowledge and abilities with every goal we acomplish.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. "
-Arthur C. Clarke

Hours of Operation (EST): 9am - 5pm, Monday - Friday
Hours of Operation By Phone, Email and Web (EST): 12pm - 5pm, weekdays and weekends
Phone: 413-253-8070
Email: click here

About Our Logo: our logo which depicts a rabbit in a hat is in no way an endorsement of the use of animals in magic shows or circuses. Magic Technology does not condone the exploitation of humans, animals or the natural environement. For more information: click here
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Magic Technology: Amherst, MA, USA

Services We Provide:

Website Development
• Website Design
• Dynamic Websites
• Custom Drupal websites
• Custom Drupal modules
• Drupal modules configuration
• Custom MediaWiki websites
• Custom Content Management Systems
• Web Server Configuration for LAMP (linux, apache, PHP, MySQL)
• PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Jquery, Java Programming
• Custom Scripts, Classes and Functions
• Content Optimization for Google® Search Placement
• Custom Hosting Solutions

Software Development
• Application Development
• Scientific/Mathematical Software
• C/C++ (UNIX, win32, Mac)
• Java, jython, Matlab, Mathematica

Multimedia Services
• Web Site Design
• Photo Composites
• Photo Adjustments
• Digital Photography
• Video Game and soundtrack music creation
• Audio/Video editing
• Image & Logo Creation
• Printable Materials/Layouts/PDFs