Services We Provide:

Computer Upgrades, Repair & Troubleshooting
• Windows XP
• Apple & Linux/unix
• Windows, PC, Mac Legacy Systems
• Any Hardware Upgrade; Linux hardware assistance
• Custom Linux Systems (workstation/server)

General Business Technology Consultation
Find out what web technologies can improve your business. Ask us anything; maybe you do not know what you need or want; we can help you find the opensoruce software to help you work and play for less money.

Software/Hardware Training & Tutoring
• Linux & Mac Applications
• Ubuntu, Fedora/RedHad, CentOS, Gnome, KDE and Mac OSX desktop environments
• Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Inkscape, The Gimp, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
• Spreadsheet, Database, Word-processing, Multimedia, Audio, Image Enhancement, Page Layout/HTML, Scientific Applications
and more

Computer Networks
• Linux, unix, BSD, Solaris
• Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat
• Mac OSX, 9, 8 (and earlier)

Magic Technology

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Serving the Amherst area since 1999 — over twenty years of customer service!

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Custom Solutions for Diverse and Dynamic Problems™

Magic Technology provides quality computer & technology related services for non-profit organizations and activists. We can take care of any project you have that is computer related. This is your first and last stop for computer related services and consulting. We can help you set up your office with computers, phones, website, opensource and custom software and support it all to keep you up and running.

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Custom Solutions:

Problems are not uniform, so why would solutions be? Each problem has its own intricacies. A predetermined, cookie cutter approach may ignore those intricacies, possibly causing more problems in the future. Most problems are made up of many smaller problems. To understand these multifaceted problems one must use diverse and dynamic methods. Sometimes the solution to a single problem may require many different types of service. That is why Magic Technology provides custom solutions.

About Our Name (Clarke's third law)

The Following Groups Are Eligible For Discounted Rates:

  • Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce Members

  • Nonprofit human and animal rights and environmental organizations

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    Hours of Operation By Phone, Email and Web (EST): 12pm - 5pm, weekdays and weekends
    Phone: 413-253-8070
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    Magic Technology: Amherst, MA, USA

    Services We Provide:

    Website Development
    • Website Design
    • Dynamic Websites
    • Custom Drupal websites
    • Custom Drupal modules
    • Drupal modules configuration
    • Custom MediaWiki websites
    • Custom Content Management Systems
    • Web Server Configuration for LAMP (linux, apache, PHP, MySQL)
    • PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML, Jquery, Java Programming
    • Custom Scripts, Classes and Functions
    • Content Optimization for Google® Search Placement
    • Custom Hosting Solutions

    Software Development
    • Application Development
    • Scientific/Mathematical Software
    • C/C++ (UNIX, win32, Mac)
    • Java, jython, Matlab, Mathematica

    Multimedia Services
    • Web Site Design
    • Photo Composites
    • Photo Adjustments
    • Digital Photography
    • Video Game and soundtrack music creation
    • Audio/Video editing
    • Image & Logo Creation
    • Printable Materials/Layouts/PDFs